Five Easter Snacks to Feed Your Pet

Five Easter Snacks to Feed Your Pet


It's lovely to want to share the holidays with your loved one, but how can you get your pet involved? So much human food is unsafe for cats and dogs, especially many of Easter's most iconic foods such as the chocolate egg.  So, when you're all sitting around the dinner table, what easter snacks can you share with your pet?


Carrots are a great snack for your dog, and chopped up carrot for your cat's smaller jaw. Carrots have a done of fun crunch, delicious flavour and full of vitamin A. It's also low-calorie and low-fat so it is suitable for pets with any health needs (keep in mind the amount of fibre for dogs with digestive issues). Raw carrots help with jaw strength, tooth health and mental exercise, while cooked carrots are less fibrous and easier for older animals to chew and digest. 


Dog chocolate is not exactly healthy but, just like human chocolate, can be great for an occasional treat! Human chocolate is toxic to dogs: while it may not kill them, it will cause possibly permanent injury to your pet. If your dog ingests chocolate, immediately take them to the vet to ensure they're not at risk.

If your dog seems interested in chocolate, consider buying dog chocolate to try. Dog chocolate as it is colloquially known is a treat made from carob, a brown powder extracted from the pods of a carob tree. It's similar to the raw cacao bean in colour and flavour. The magic part is that it doesn't contain theobromine, the part of chocolate which is toxic to dogs. Dog chocolate also has a substantially lower sugar content (with some natural sugars present) and no dairy to protect your pet's health and well-being. You can find dog chocolate in various pet places online and in stores.


Fish's popularity on Good Friday is due to the religious historical origins of the holiday. Christians abstain from red meat or 'meaty meat' to honour the sacrifice of Jesus: leaving only the lean, cold-blooded fish. Feed your pet raw or cooked fish (without excessive seasonings) to boost omega fats, reduce inflammation and introduce more protein into your pet's snack menu. If you're eating fish on Good Friday, share some with your pet as a fun snack! 


Lamb is another delicious food item that is traditionally eaten around Easter, specifically Easter Sunday. Lamb has religious origins as well for Easter, where Christians honour the sacrifice of Jesus. 

Raw lamb bones can be given as a delicious treat for your dog or larger cats. Your pet would also benefit from lamb meat which is high in B12, vitamin B and Zinc for your pet's skin, coat and brain health. Just like fish, eaten raw or cooked with minimal seasonings is a great way to share your Easter plate. 


 Eggs, of course! Not the chocolate ones, as we've established, but the chicken kind! 

Raw eggs are a cheap, delicious, easy and nutritious snack for your pet. Simply cracking an egg into their food bowls gives them a boost of amino acids, vitamin A, iron and fatty acids. It's that easy!

 Don't leave your beloved pets out of the celebration. They can enjoy Easter foods as a delicious snack alongside their usual Pawganic meals. 

Join the pet nutrition revolution and feed your pet an evolutionary diet, order online or in-store.