Here at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, we knew we had the best organic meats in Queensland, and wanted to create a range of raw pet meals as close as possible to what nature intended. 

Processed, manufactured and mass-produced pet foods are nutritionally lacking, contain preservatives and fillers, and contribute to degenerative health issues in dogs and cats. To ensure our raw meal recipes were as nutritionally balanced as possible, we partnered with Sunshine Coast Pet Nutritionist & Animal Naturopath, Ruth Hatten

The results are an evolution re-diet for your pet sourced from the finest local ingredients.

Our brief to Ruth was to develop meals which would provide complete nutrients for your pet, and wherever possible the ingredients are either organic, or for seafood and kangaroos, wild caught. 

Our Evolutionary meals don’t just take into account the ingredients, but also how they are prepared. Rather than having the meal fully minced, we use chunks of meat which are beneficial for your pet's teeth and jaw muscles.

We deliver meals across south-east Queensland, with all orders over $100 delivered free. Or you can purchase at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats in Forest Glen

“Nutrition builds the foundations of good health. The best nutrition for your pet’s wellbeing is nutrition that’s based on evolutionary principles. Fresh, whole, clean foods that consist of muscle meats, organ meats, bones and plant matter. This is your pet’s natural diet, it’s what they’ve evolved to eat, what they’re designed to eat. It’s the kind of diet that’s going to build strong health foundations for optimal health.”

- Ruth Hatten, Pet Nutritionist & Animal Naturopath