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    The Complete Evolutionary Meal for Dogs- 500g

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    This is our all rounder, premium meal for dogs. It provides your dog with a combination of organic meats for optimal nutrient variety, wild sourced sardines, goji berries for their immune boosting effects, our in-house ground nut mix for a fibre, vitamin and mineral boost. Whilst we love all our meals, we think that the Complete Evolutionary Meal should definitely be a regular part of your dog’s meal rotation for its extra immune boosting and overall health benefits. Recipe developed by By Ruth Hatten, Animal Naturopath & Pet Nutritionist.

    Ingredients: Chicken (Meat, Ground Bones, Heart), Seasonal Vegetables (including but not limited to Silverbeet, Kale, Chinese Cabbage, Broccoli, Carrot), Beef (Meat, Ground Bones, Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Pancreas), Lamb (Meat, Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Pancreas), Fresh Sardines, Whole Egg, Canadian Salmon, Goji Berries, Seed Mix (Flax, Chia, Hemp), Ground Nut Mix (Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews), Coconut, Sunflower Lecithin, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Nettle Leaf, Ginger, Garlic, Green Lipped Mussel Powder, Kelp, Fresh Wheatgrass

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    Nutritional Info

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Per kg
    Calories 1,433 kCal per kg
    Protein 13.7%
    Fat 10.5%
    Ash 2.15%
    Moisture 70.7%
    Fibre 1.17%
    Carbohydrates 1.74%
    Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio 1.21 : 1


    Serving Size

    Dog Weight (kg) Grams
    2 - 5 110 - 220
    6 - 10 255 - 370
    11 - 15 400 - 505
    16 - 20 530 - 625
    21 - 30 650 - 850
    31 - 40 870 - 1055
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    The Complete Evolutionary Meal for Dogs- 500g

    $12.99 AUD