Is there a difference between the cat and dog food products?

Yes. Cats and dogs require different ingredients for optimum health. You can read more about the nutritional requirements on our Nutrition page

Do your products include bone?

Yes. Most of our pet meals contain ground bone as it contains essential nutrients for pet’s health. It's part of their evolutionary diet. You can read more about the nutritional requirements on our Nutrition page

Is this food suitable for puppies?

We have a specific recipe created for puppies. Check it out here.

Why do puppies require a different recipe to adult dogs?

Puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult dogs. They have higher requirements for calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium, fatty acids (linoleic acid, alpha linoleic acid, EPA and DHA) and amino acids.

Whilst you can find dog meals for "all life stages", we prefer to provide you with a separate meal that is especially formulated to meet a puppy's nutritional needs. This is because increasing some nutrients may have a negative impact on an adult dog e.g. an excess of calcium can result in impaired skeletal development and other mineral deficiencies, an excess of phosphorus can result in calcium deficiency.

Do your pet meals contain preservatives?

In keeping with your pet’s evolutionary diet, we do not use preservatives, grains or fillers of any kind in our meals. We plan and prepare our meals to ensure they are as close to nature intended as possible. 

Do you deliver to my area?

Delivery is free for orders over $100 otherwise a $14.99 delivery fee applies. We deliver to over 95% of residents of south east Queensland.  So if you think you may be in the hinterland 5%, either call 5445 2912 or email orders@pawganicpetfood.com.au.  Otherwise, place your order!

Do your meals meet the Pet Foods Industry Standard?

We haven't actually checked! Pawganics seeks to comply with your pet's evolutionary diet, rather than tick boxes. Many have questioned the suitability of standards which highly processed pet foods comply with, and have no issue with preservatives. Ruth Hatten has developed pet meals which mimic your pet's evolutionary diet.

Why are Pawganic Pet Foods meal’s frozen?

Because we hate preservatives as much as your pet does!  Simply defrost the day prior to feeding your pet their meal and consume within 4 days.

Why Should I Feed My Pet Pawganic Pet Food Meals?

Our meals are designed with your pet’s evolutionary diet in mind.  This means raw, and either organic or wild, with nutritional boosters designed to mimic your pet’s evolutionary diet.  You’ll find no preservatives, grains or fillers.  You can read more about the nutritional benefits of feeding your pet Pawganic Pet Food on our Nutrition page.

Why is it important to feed your dog raw and organic foods?

If you trace back through your pet's evolutionary history, you'll discover that their ancestors (the grey wolf and the african wild cat) ate raw food. They didn't cook their food! With negligible adaptation in terms of cat and dog anatomy and genetics, a raw diet is still the most natural diet for domestic cats and dogs. Not only that, when food is cooked, it can destroy or alter nutrients. For optimal nutrition, raw food is best.


Food is one of the main sources of chemical exposure for pets. A variety of chemical sprays are used in the production of conventionally (non-organic) grown produce and animals raised in intensive environments are exposed to chemicals in the form of veterinary medications. Residues of these chemicals can be found in pet foods, which can have a toxic effect for your pet. The best way to avoid these potential toxins is to feed organic.


For more information about toxic load in pets, read this article from our pet nutritionist and animal naturopath.


There are also ethical reasons for feeding your pet organic food.  For more information, read this article from our pet nutritionist and animal naturopath.

Transitioning Your Pet to Pawganic Meals

Ruth recommends transitioning your pet for the first 10-14 days of introducing your pet to the
Pawganic’s Evolutionary range of meals. Too fast a transition may mean that your pet’s digestive
system is not used to either raw food or some of the ingredients, and this may cause sickness.

Our experience shows that the vast majority of pets will transition without incident. However, if
your pet shows any signs of sickness, we recommend you carefully consider:

1. Did you slowly transition the meals (i.e. start with a small amount of the Pawganics, mixed
in with your pet’s legacy meal)?
2. How did you store the meals upon receiving them?
3. How did you defrost the foods before serving?
4. How did you store any leftovers?
5. Do your pets have any known food sensitivities or allergies?

The answers to these questions may well assist in understanding any transitioning issues your pet
may have. If you have transitioned over a 10-14 day period, and you have any issues please contact
Pawganics on either orders@pawganicpetfood.com.au, call 5445 2912, or speak to your