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Five Great Things about Beef For Your Pet

Beef is the star of many of our pet meals for a number of reasons, including the five below. 

One. Protein Source
Beef is a fantastic protein source for your canine companion. Dogs are naturally carnivorous animals, and beef provides them with high-quality protein to support muscle growth, repair, and overall vitality. Protein is essential for maintaining your dog's health and well-being, and beef is a delicious and nutritious way to ensure they get their fill.

Two. Nutrient Dense
Beef is not just about protein; it's packed with essential nutrients like B vitamins (B12, B6, niacin), iron, zinc, and phosphorus. These nutrients play crucial roles in your dog's health, contributing to their energy levels, immune system function, and overall vitality. Including beef in their diet can help ensure they receive a well-rounded set of nutrients.

Three. Energy Booster
Dogs are known for their boundless energy, and beef can help fuel their active lifestyles. The protein and fat content in beef provide a potent energy source, ensuring that your dog has the stamina they need to run, play, and explore to their heart's content.

Four. Digestibility
Beef is generally easy for dogs to digest, making it a suitable choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. Its digestibility means that your dog can efficiently absorb the nutrients they need without straining their digestive system.

Five. Palatability
Many dogs find the taste of beef irresistible. Its rich flavor and aroma can make it a favourite meal choice for even the pickiest eaters. Using beef as a high-value treat during training or incorporating it into their regular meals can be an excellent way to keep your dog excited about mealtime.

So... Beef is only one part of our enhanced and evolutionary meal ranges, but it is a major part that makes our pet meals filling, delicious, appealing and to meaningfully contribute to your pet's life. 


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