Five Must-Haves for Feeding your Pet

Five Must-Haves for Feeding your Pet



Sometimes it is hard enough to feed the humans in the house, let alone the dogs and cats who rely on you. On hard nights you can just tell the humans to eat vegemite and cheese toasties and run a bath, but your pet's can't fend for themselves. We get it, that's why we're suggesting five must-haves for your pet's feeding routine. 

One: A bowl

No one likes eating off the floor, including your cat or dog. Plus, imagine the clean up required. One major thing you need for an easy meal routine with your pet is a food bowl, and not just any food bowl but an easy to clean, heavy bottomed (to prevent sliding around and tipping over) and safe one. no BPA leakage on a hot day and no decorative nooks and crannies for old food to hide. Plus, if you have a tall pet or an older pet, an elevated food bowl is a great choice to protect their neck, shoulders and throat. Our luxe bowls are perfect with legs for a height boost, a non-porous and BPA free material that's super easy to wipe clean and looks great in your pet's favourite nook.


Two: Clean up mat.

Speaking of cleaning up, a non-slip silicone mat is a great addition to a tidy household. Admit it, sometimes dogs (and cats) get a bit messy. Save cleaning time by having a non-slip clean up mat such as a silicone mat so when your furry friend is done eating, you can simply rinse off the mat and prepare for your pet's next meal. Plus, the non-slip feature means the bowl won't slide around when your voraciously hungry pet digs in (because it has been so long since breakfast, right?).



Three: Kitchen scale.

Our pet meals come in 500g or 1kg portions depending on the needs of your pet. Puppies, smaller breeds and most cats won't need more than 500g per day. To find information on portion sizing you can visit our portions page. For animals in between, consider having a kitchen scale to measure it properly. With a clever scale, you can use your pet's food dish as a measuring utensil and serve it right to them.


Four: Well-organised food storage.

Just because our food is human-grade and nutritious doesn't mean humans should eat it, that's your pet's food after all! Make sure your pet food remains clearly labelled in the fridge. We suggest separating your fresh Pawganic pack into portions and storing in airtight, food safe containers. Ensure it is clearly labelled!

Five: A subscribe and save schedule with Pawganic Pet Food!

Simply set the schedule at one, two, three or once a month and enjoy a stress-free feeding schedule! It will show up to your door without you having to do anything! Your pet will never run out of food then. 

 These are a few easy ways to make a real difference in your feeding routine. A simple bowl, a feeding mat and a subscribe and save schedule can make all the difference. 

Do you have must-haves for your feeding routine?


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