Five Reasons Not To Be Worried

Five Reasons Not To Be Worried

Some people are nervous about raw food, the risks associated with bacteria and storage, and we understand the concern. There's horror stories of parasites, bacteria and illnesses infecting people and animals from raw meat. However, our food is very carefully made, packaged and cared for to provide your pet with safe, healthy and delicious food. We have five (and plenty more) reasons why you don't need to be worried about raw meat with Pawganic Pet Food. 

One. Human Grade. 
The first thing to know about our food is that it is human grade, which means it is suitable for human consumption, too! In fact, the meat we use for our Pawganic Pet Food comes from the carcasses we butcher to sell at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats. When we say it is good enough for humans to eat, we really mean it!

Two. A Natural Lifestyle. 
Aside from being human grade, the meat we use is also organic or wild-caught, meaning it aligns the best with their own, and your pet's, natural lifestyle. These animals are fed high-quality food and able to roam freely and move their bodies. This reduces the risk of diseases or injuries, making their meat healthier and more nutritious. This better lifestyle is passed onto your pet, too. 


Three. Expertise. 
The chefs and butchers who make our pet food packs are experts, they know how to identify good meat for humans and pets. You can come in-store at Kunara Marketplace and chat with our butchers about the process of making Pawganic pet Food. 

Four. Expert Consultant. 
Speaking of expertise, our pet meals are formulated with the advice of a pet nutritionist. Our friend, Ruth Hatten, is a professional vet nutritionist with years of experience helping hundreds of pets around the Sunshine Coast to feel their best. You can check out more of Ruth's work here


Five. Choices. 
Another way you can reduce the risk and help your pet thrive is by making safe choices at home. Appropriately defrost your pet's daily portion overnight in the fridge or run it under hot water until it is soft enough to eat. If your meat is still cold or slightly icy, that's okay! In fact, it is a great treat in summer. It is better to under-defrost their food then leave it to fall into dangerous food temperatures. Keeping their bowl clean and tossing uneaten, defrosted meat is best practice, too. 


So, there really is nothing to fear when buying Pawganic Pet Food. Our food is primed with care, expert consultation and high-quality food to not only keep your pet safe, but improve and maintain their health! Pawganic Pet Food can even reduce the risk of catching other illnesses or diseases. Convinced? Give it a try! First orders get 30% off!