Five Reasons You(r pet) Should Try Our Kangaroo Pet Meals

Five Reasons You(r pet) Should Try Our Kangaroo Pet Meals

People have mixed opinions about eating kangaroo, and it is a topic that has a lot of heart. After careful consideration and many years of selling kangaroo meat to humans on the Sunshine Coast Organic Meats shelves, we've made a decision to include kangaroo as a line of pet meals, Why? Read on to find out.

One. Nutritional Profile.
Kangaroo meat is packed with essential B vitamins, omega 3 fats, and omega 6 fatty acids, providing a healthy and balanced diet for your pet. While other meats offered a varied set of nutrients as well, kangaroo's nutritional profile is unique and hard to find in any other kind of meat commonly sold in Australia.

Two. High Protein Content.
With twice the amount of protein compared to beef and three times that of pork and poultry, kangaroo meat is ideal for high-energy or muscular dogs that require a protein-rich diet.

Three. Low Fat Option.
For dogs that need a low-fat diet, kangaroo meat offers a lean alternative without compromising on essential nutrients and taste. Even the pickiest eaters will enjoy kangaroo meat and get the most out of our pet meals. 

Four. Ethical Sourcing.
Our kangaroo meat comes from a company that upholds animal welfare and environmental sustainability, ensuring a responsible approach to production. When our supplier culls Kangaroos, they do it in a sustainable and thoughtful way, to assist in population control and conservation of the species.


Five. Food Safety.
Some naysayers of kangaroo meat say wild-caught kangaroos bring the risk of diseases. We feel secure feeding your pet kangaroo meat because our kangaroo pet meals are human-grade and rigorously tested for diseases. That means our kangaroo meals are a safe and healthy option for your pet's consumption, actually more safe and healthy than some of the common supermarket alternatives with plain beef, chicken or seafood!

So, are you convinced? While you may be on the fence about using kangaroo meat for consumption — for you or your pet — it is important to be aware of the reasons why or why not. You can make an informed choice that leads to better outcomes for your loved ones. 

Will you try kangaroo meat? Find it in our Enhanced Roo meal, our Raw Combination meal and as a treat with our Kangaroo Tails.