Five Recipes Every Pet Parent Should Know

Five Recipes Every Pet Parent Should Know

Sometimes it's difficult enough fitting in human cooking during a busy week, let alone cooking for your pet. Convenience is one of the many reasons people have turned to commercial pet food, to ensure their pet is being fed even on the busiest days. People like us ensure your pet isn't just getting fed, but being nurtured inside and out. 

So, you don't have to stress about breakfast, lunch or dinner for your pet, but what if you want to make something for them? Getting into the kitchen and making food is one easy way to show someone you love them. We've included five recipes below to keep in your repertoire for when you want to spoil your pet. 



Doggy meatballs with dog-friendly gravy.

Whether it's a bit cold out, or you went a little overboard when mince was on sale and have more than you can eat, sometimes your pet deserves a well curated meatball. Ensure it is pet friendly by omitting the usual salts, seasonings and aromatics and go pure meat and egg to make meatballs. You can cook them with a little bit of high quality neutral oil like avocado oil or leave them raw. For a pet friendly gravy, simply combine warmed beef broth with pure, plain Greek yoghurt, unbleached flour or applesauce (with no xylitol or artificial sweeteners) to your desired consistency and serve over the doggy meatballs.

Hydration boosted water.

This is the dog version of a Gatorade. Simply add frozen blueberries, watermelon, crushed ice and a small dash of salt to filtered water. The delicious fruits will encourage your pup to keep drinking and the small inclusion of salt (no more than 1/2 tablespoon to 1L) helps with absorption and retention. It will be satisfying for the thirstiest pup and enticing for the pickiest one. 


Peanut butter biscuits.

This is a popular choice as a delicious treat. All you need  is peanut butter, eggs, flour and water. Combine the ingredients with ratios similar to a human cookie (more flour, due to the absence of sugar and leavening ingredients) until it makes a dough consistency. Bake at 180 for 5-10 mins until they've hardened slightly and are golden. 

Chicken broth.

Chicken broth is a light alternative to beef broth. To make a delicious, nutritious and pet-friendly chicken broth, all you have to do is boil a chicken carcass including the frame, feet, and neck in up to 5L of filtered water for up to 4 hours, skimming off any foam that rises to the top. For a human friendly version, you can include a mirepoix and black peppercorns, but for dogs and cats, it is easier to make it as pure as possible. You can add this strained chicken broth to our raw food packs for extra hydration, to chicken and rice for a nutrients boost or in their water bowls for interest and nutrition.


The pupsicle.

This easy recipe is super flexible, so you can use any pet-friendly fruit, meat or vegetable pureed and mixed with pet-friendly yoghurt, milk or water. One option is to puree cooked pumpkin, mix it with unsweetened plain yoghurt and freeze it in popsicle form. You can even get creative and use beef jerky as the popsicle stick! Your pet can eat the entire thing so it's only a ton of fun and no waste!

No dog could be happier with pawganic pet meals every day and delicious weekend treats. If you give any of these recipes a go, let us know!


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