Five Things You Should Take Advantage of at Pawganics

Five Things You Should Take Advantage of at Pawganics

Pawganic pet meals are designed with your pet (and you) in mind. We're focused on nutrition, affordability and convenience. Make feeding your pet a nutritious and delicious meal even easier by taking advantage of these following opportunities at Pawganic Pet Food.


One. Free Shipping on orders over $100. 
Order seven of our evolutionary pet meals and get free delivery straight to your door across South-east Queensland. All you have to do is keep your freezer stocked with your pet's favourite Pawganic meals and take them out every morning for a delicious, raw meal for your pet. It is as easy as that!

Two. Our information packed website.
You can find all kinds of important and helpful information on our website including nutrition, how to transition to a raw diet, portions, vet advice and all kinds of answers to FAQ.

Three. Our friendly butcher friends at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats.
If you're looking to come in-store and have a chat about any of our food packs, or you're wanting to streamline your shopping trips for pet food AND high-quality organic human meals, come in-store to Sunshine Coast Organic Meats at Forest Glen. 


Four. Salmon and chicken frame meals.
While on the hunt for ways to improve and expand our Pawganic pet meal ranges, we managed to score an amazing deal on wild salmon fillets and we wanted to share the luck! We have combined these with chicken frames to provide a nutritionally dense meal for pets. It is delicious, nutritious and 

We have a limited supply of the wild salmon, so unfortunately this pet meal is only available while it lasts! Get in now and give it a go!


Five. All of our vet-formulated pet meals. 
Our Canadian Salmon and Chicken Frame meals aren't the only amazing thing we have in the food department. All of our meals are vet-formulated, delicious and brimming with nutrition and goodness. Check them all out on our website and order now. Enjoy 30% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $100. 


Five isn't enough to explore all of the amazing things on offer at Pawganic Pet Food. Keep an eye on our website and our socials to stay up-to-date on all the amazing things happening over here. 


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