Five Unique Cat or Dog Breeds You May Not Have Heard Of

Five Unique Cat or Dog Breeds You May Not Have Heard Of

There are cat and dog breeds which dominate the cultural zeitgeist, for example golden retrievers, German shepherds, British shorthair cats and those hairless Sphinxes, but there's many breeds of dogs and cats that undeservingly fly under the radar. These breeds bring something different to the name of "cat" and "dog" and we wanted to share just five of our favourite!


One. Ocicat. 

The ocicat is a cat similar to a bengal cat, but brings something unique to the table. Unlike Bengal Cats, they have round "spots" rather than the stripes that Bengals have. In fact, their spots look just like their namesake, the Ocelot, a small wild cat. Just like their look-a-like, these are very brave felines. They love water and will take a swim. They also love car rides and holidays, being easily able to adapt to new surroundings. How cute!

Two. Bedlington Terrier. 

This canine breed certainly has a unique look, like a lamb that has been shaved a bit too keenly. In reality, they're a medium to small dog breed that originally helped with hunting vermin. Though they're now especially known for dog competitions, dog shows and sometimes in sports, these funky looking pals are very friendly and perfect for families. Their unique appearance and gentle temperament make them popular for all sorts of pet owners, from first timers to experienced pet parents. 

Three. Komondor.
These cooky canines seem chillax but actually play many important roles on farms. Their long shaggy coats that resemble a mop (or a sheep) used to protect them in the cold Hungarian mountains, where they stood as guardians over their wooly charges. Nowadays, you may see them as pets for experienced and dedicated owners who can manage their protective nature well. 
Four. The Peterbald Cat. 
You've heard of the Sphinx cat, but say hello to its cousin: the Peterbald. They're (generally) hairless like their cousins but with one defining feature: their ears. Their ears grow to be as long as their faces and they use them to find you wherever you are in the house. Along with being big-eared, they're as affectionate as an elephant (if you know, you know) and won't leave your side. They're perfect for anyone who wants a best friend as unique as them. 
Five. The Bombay Cat. 
If the Ocicat is the domestic version of an ocelot, then the Bombay cat is certainly a domesticated version of the black panther. They're a short-haired breed, with a glossy black coat and golden eyes. You can tell you're looking at a Bombay cat because they're black right down to their toes, with their pads being black, too. They're as curious as a wild cat and as strong too! 
The Ocicat, the Bedlington, the Komondor, the Peterbald and the Bombay — you may not have heard of them before, or have recognised their shape but not known their name, and now you do! Go forth into your weekend with a keen eye for any of these pet breeds.

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