Five Ways Buying Organic Pet Food Helps The Earth

Five Ways Buying Organic Pet Food Helps The Earth

By now we’ve probably convinced you that organic food is good for your pet, but did you know that it is good for the environment as well? Supporting local organic farms aren’t just good for your pets health and your local community, but the earth we call home. Wondering how? Down below we’ve shared just five ways supporting Pawganic pet food and feeding your pet organic food can help the Earth.

One. Lower Carbon Footprint.
Organic farming practices extend beyond the animal, but to the food the animals eat and the land they live on. When livestock feed is made without the use of chemical pesticides and growers, and the fields are maintained with care, it reduces the carbon footprint from the farm to the butcher. Less stock at a time reduces animal waste, and the local market reduces emissions from transportation. Using all pieces of the animal like we do here at Pawganic also reduces carbon emissions by reducing food waste in landfill.

Two. Reduced Water Pollution.
Organic farming practices aim to minimise water contamination by avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers which will run off into the waterways. This means any runoff that may be created in organic farming is clean of chemicals and irritants that bleach coral reefs, kill fish and contaminate the water.

Three. Preservation of soil health.
Organic farming protects the soil similarly to how it protects our waterways, reducing chemical reliance in farming practices. It also reduces soil impacts by rotating grazing, keeping the nutrients in the soil and allowing plant life to regenerate. It retains the balance of the ecosystem.

Four. Support for sustainable food systems.
Organic butchery is just one aspect of a sustainable food system, which extends to livestock feed and produce. By purchasing organic meat and organic pet food, you are encouraging others in different areas of these food systems to continue growing and thriving. Your support can make a shockwave difference across the world. 

Five. Promotion of animal welfare.
Just like sustainable food systems, your support assists in animal welfare efforts. And animal welfare isn't just better for the animal, but the Earth, too. Reduced quantities of livestock and reduced introduction of preemptive medicines, vaccines and antibiotics protect the Earth, too. 

These are just five reasons why supporting Pawganic Pet Food supports the Earth. A lower carbon footprint, clean waterways, rich soil and strengthening food systems. When you buy Pawganic Pet Food, you're protecting the Earth for you and all the future generations.