Five Ways to Keep your Pet Warm

Five Ways to Keep your Pet Warm


The days (and nights) are getting colder, and the sun is still shining but the wind is blowing, too! As we rug up with our favourite sweaters, wool scarves and blessed aircon, our pets are feeling the chill, too. 

Some pet breeds (like Huskies, Pyrenees and Sheppards, Forest cats, Persians and Siberian cats) have thicker coats, more fat or a biological affinity for the chill and may enjoy spending their days in a patch of shade, while other breeds (Sphinxes, Siamese, Shorthairs, and Greyhounds, Boxers and Chihuahua) are definitely not primed for the cold. 

Regardless of the fluff factor, all pets deserve to keep warm and sheltered in the upcoming winter. Here are five ways to keep your pet warm:


Keep them away from drafts.

Whether your pet sleeps in the bed with you, in their own bed or on the floor right in the walkway, they need to be kept away from all the cracks and corners of the house where the cold air creeps in. If they're sleeping right in the direction of a chill, they'll be cold and exhausted even when they've been sleeping all day. 

Provide a warm bed.

Even Huskies want somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. Cold concrete or floorboards are hard for anybody, and even though your pet can't talk, they're feeling the chill! Whether it's an expensive dog bed made out of wool and silk, or their favourite fluffy old blanket, so long as they're comfortable and warm, they'll be happy.


Provide plenty of food and water.

Food and water are both vital to help your pet maintain their body temperature. A malnourished or dehydrated dog or cat won't have enough energy to regulate their body temperature, leading to discomfort or even hypothermia. Winter is a great time to provide your pet with slightly warmed food or water if they like it. Feeding your pet warmed bone broth as an additional snack throughout the day is a great way to keep them hydrated, nourished and warm.



Dress them in warm clothing.

This is not necessary for all dog breeds, especially here in sunny Queensland, but some pet breeds with very short or no hair (looking at you, Sphinx) could benefit from a comfortable, non-restrictive jumper or jacket. There's plenty of places online to buy ethically made cotton, polyester or flannel pet jumpers. Keep in mind that your pet may not feel comfortable in clothes and not to force them if they're really against it. There's many more things you can do to keep your pet warm if they don't like clothes, including not taking them out early in the morning or late afternoon when it's colder and keeping them sheltered away from the wind, or somewhere in the sun.


Use a heating pad or heated bed.

Okay, so this is a bit extra, but it's possible! If you have a pet who gets cold easily, or who suffers from arthritis or immune diseases, or an elderly pet, they may require an extra boost of warmth such as a heated bed, heating pad or heated blanket. A heated element with a timer to prevent overheating is a great way to keep your pet warm (but not too warm). So maybe it's a bit luxurious, but maybe your pet deserves it!


 There are a few things you can do to keep your pet warm, depending on their needs. While you don't have to do all of these things, doing one or two and keeping your pet warm keeps them safe and provides them with the quality of life they deserve.

We can help you with number three by providing you with delicious, sustainably made pet food that keeps them warm, happy and satisfied. 

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