Five Ways to Live Nose-to-Tail with your Pet

Five Ways to Live Nose-to-Tail with your Pet

Going nose-to-tail is a huge part of sustainability. It means using up the entire animal to give more value to its life (and death), to reduce wastage, and to get the most bang for your buck (not to mention the health benefits of some of the more offbeat meat cuts like kidneys, liver, brains and lean muscle cuts). 

Humans go nose-to-tail to reduce food waste, but if eating beef hearts and chicken necks aren't quite your thing, don't worry! There's another way. All you need is a shopping basket and an adventurous cat or dog and you can make a big difference for sustainability. 


Number one is the important one. As much as you can be trying to do a good thing, if your pet isn't on board, you could be causing more harm than good. Get to know your dog's tastes before you go buying out the whole organ shop. If you're attempting to help the planet and you buy a bunch of livers, kidneys and bones and they go uneaten, you're unfortunately just contributing to the problem. Make sure you know what your dog will eat before you go on a shopping spree.

Number two is homemade bone broth. Homemade bone broth is not just good for us humans, but for animals, too. Make nutritious bone broth by simmering beef or chicken bones with water for a super simple version. Add celery and carrot for a pet friendly version. The resulting broth can be added to your dog's meals or served as a tasty and nourishing treat. 

Number three is about getting a bit creative. You can make organ meat treats for your pet and any brave humans! One easy way to create homemade organ meat treats is liver jerky. Or kidney jerky, or.. you get it. Slice the organs into small, bite-sized pieces and dehydrate them in a low-temperature oven or a food dehydrator. These treats are not only delicious but also provide valuable nutrients for your dog. 


 Number four is another of our absolute favourites. Raw bones, like beef marrow bones or chicken necks, can be beneficial for your dog's dental health and mental stimulation. Ensure the bones are size-appropriate for your dog and monitor them while they chew to prevent any accidents or choking hazards.



Number five is the easy one! When our sister company, Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, buys a carcass from our friendly farmers, they most often take the entirety of the animal and break it down themselves. They sell human-grade organ and muscle meats. However, due to the demand being much higher for everyone's favourite steaks and briskets than say, yummy liver, there's often leftover. Where do the leftovers go? In our delicious pet meals, of course. When you support Pawganic, you're supporting our effort for nose-to-tail.

Nose-to-tail means not only reducing food waste by packing their diet full of human-grade organic meat, but the amazing benefits that come with it, too!


Join the pet nutrition revolution and feed your pet an evolutionary diet, order online or in-store.