Five Ways to Safely Satisfy Your Cat's Curiosity

Five Ways to Safely Satisfy Your Cat's Curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat, as you know, but it doesn't have to! There are hundreds of safe ways to satisfy your kitty's curiosity. We've mentioned just five below. Read them and see how they would fit into your cat's life.

One. DIY cat toys. 

Cat toys and in particular puzzle toys are great ways to satisfy your cat's curiosity. Hide and seek games or games which put their minds to the test are the perfect way to entertain them and keep their brains sharp. You can easily DIY puzzle toys including hiding smaller toys or objects in larger objects such as paper bags, egg cartons or boxes. Entice your cat with the items inside and encourage them to figure out how to open them. 

Two. Interactive puzzle feeders. 

Similar to toys, interactive puzzle feeders are great ways to satisfy your cat's inquisitive nature. Combine the power of delicious food with their innate sense of curiosity to keep them occupied for a while. You can purchase them at any cat store or DIY some like the cat toys above using old cardboard containers.

Three. Cat grass or cat-safe gardens. 

Cat grass or indoor cat-safe gardens are a great way to inspire their natural curiosity. With artificial cat grass, you can hide their favourite toys or other little objects to send them searching. They also can enjoy the tactile nature of cat grass, the smells and sensations that come with it. If the idea of fake grass isn't appealing to you, you can turn to cat-friendly plants you don't mind being the centre of your cat's attention. Catnip and many flower breeds are safe for your cat to explore. Spiderplants, parlour palms and ferns are also a-okay for cats. Let them sniff, brush and play with a sturdily plotted plant for some curiosity-satiation, with added aesthetic benefit for your house. 

Four. Harnesses and Leashes. Do you also have a dog who you take for regular walks? Your curious kitty can come along! Once they know how to safely and happily walk on a leash or with a harness, they can benefit from all the outdoor fun you dog can. Take them around the block to enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the world around them. 


Five. Outdoor enclosure or catio. 
Whether you believe in the idea of "outside cats" or not, no one can deny the dangers of the outside world, both for your cat and for our precious native wildlife. If you can't hang around to keep your kitty safe, consider outdoor enclosure or a catio, where your cat can safely observe the outside world. There are plenty of DIY concepts and purchasable options across the internet. 


We've shared five great ways to nurture and satisfy your cat's curiosity. Five is only a few in a long list, but we think they're some of the best! It is important to keep your cat's brain sharp for all of their curious investigations with Pawganic pet meals. 

How do you satisfy your cat's curiosity?


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