Five Ways to Reduce Your PawPrint

Five Ways to Reduce Your PawPrint

Having an animal companion is one of the oldest human habits in the world: it came before the internet, before shopping, and maybe even before farming. They were around as our loyal friends before we became aware of how one person, or one community of people, can make a global impact. Though we wouldn't give them up for the world, we know the life we live with our pets can spell negative consequences for the environment, if we're not careful. Luckily, we can reduce our pet's footprint on the Earth and sustain a happy, healthy life for everyone. 


Number One: Reduce food waste
As we've mentioned before, food waste is a major contributor to current climate concerns globally. One big way you can reduce your pet's pawprint for the Earth is to ensure you're feeding food they love in portions they can eat. If your pet has tons of food left in their food bowl that you throw out at the end of each day, it is landing in landfill where it will spread disease, release Co2 and possibly endanger native wildlife. Instead, feed them portions of food which are required for their body (check out our portion guide on the website) and supplement their meals with nose-to-tail snacks like bones. This will reduce your pet's impact on the environment overall. 

Number Two: Reduce Waste.... Waste
Ah poop. It's an unavoidable part of life. If it eats, it does the other thing, too. While there's nothing we can do to stop their bodies natural process (and we're pretty sure pet waste doesn't contribute to Co2 emissions the way agricultural farming does) there's still a ton of things we can do to reduce its impact. For instance, how we get rid of the waste: opt for biodegradable, plant-based poop bags for your canine friend, and environmentally responsible biodegradable kitty litter for the felines. You also have the option to safely compost the waste at home. 

Number Three: Be Sleep Smart
Okay, bedding isn't just for sleeping in. Human's love to hang out in their bed, too, to relax, watch tv, chat or scroll on their phone. Hopefully your pet loves hanging out on their bed, too. If they do, it's important to consider how their bedding could contribute to climate concerns. Getting a bed secondhand (which is clean and unbroken) or from an environmentally-conscious business is a great way to reduce production waste. It's also good to consider the longevity of the bed (will my young pup outgrow it, will it break, will it get too hot in the summer or too cold in winter?) not just for the planet but for your wallet! Finding a bed that is sturdy, with a breathable fabric that can adjust with temperature needs does not only reduce the need to buy more stuff, but it will also mean your pup will stay healthy and happy through the year without having to chew up electricity on heating and cooling. 


Number Four: Sharing is Caring
There's dozens of ways you can care for the Earth and your community by sharing the things and the knowledge you have. Consider old beds, blankets, toys or foods your pet doesn't use anymore, and how they can be passed on to others who would use them. Sharing toys, beds and blankets (which aren't broken) are a great way to reduce you and your pet's footprint. Similarly, share your knowledge! You've read this blog, but does your dog park friend know? Why not start a conversation about everything you've read today and direct them to our website. The more people being thoughtful about their impact on the Earth, the better the Earth will be. 


Number Five: Put your Money Where the Earth Is 
Money is voting, they always say, and to an extent that's true. Thanks to your support, Pawganic Pet Foods has been able to continue producing delicious pet meals including our new Salmon Raw Meal. Supporting us, and other environmentally-conscious brands, means you are helping others to make a difference for the planet Earth. Other things like choosing not to shop, donating to conservation or putting money towards training your pet are all great ways to use money for the Earth. 

There's plenty of things you can do to protect the Earth and enjoy the long life of your pet, including supporting Pawganic Pet Food. 

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