Five Great Things About Chicken For Your Pet

Five Great Things About Chicken For Your Pet

A while ago, we did a blog about 5 of the reasons beef is great for your pet, from nutrition to palatability and accessibility, and if you weren't already convinced that beef belongs in your pet's food, then you would be after that blog. This week we're doing it again, with chicken this time! Chicken is one of the most popular meats eaten by humans across the globe because of its versatility, low fat and delicious flavour, but it is popular amongst dogs and cats, too. We added it into all of our evolutionary and enhanced meals, and it stars in our raw range chicken meals — for more than just its great taste. Read five more reasons why chicken is great in our pet meals.

One. High digestiblity. 
Maybe because of its lower fat content or lower fibre content, chicken is more easily digested than other meat sources such as beef. This makes it ideal for dogs or cats with sensitive or sickly tummies. 


Two. Lean protein.
Is your dog or cat a bit chunky? Or is your pet just a voracious eater, who never seems to get full? Chicken is great as a lean source of protein, to add nutritional bulk to meals without the increased risk of obesity, diabetes, liver or heart disease. 


Three. Amino Acids.
Chicken contains essential amino acids that are vital for managing immune system regulation, tissue repair, and enzyme production. This means your excitable and curious cat or dog doesn't need to worry about getting sick, getting permanently injured or chronically fatigued. 


Four. Low allergy.
While other meat sources such as fish, beef, and game meats are also great for their lower fat content and high amino acid, chicken's best benefit is that it is a very low allergy risk. Chicken has a lower likelihood of triggering allergic reactions in pets, making it a safe option for animals prone to food sensitivities, or pets trying raw meals for the first time!


Five. Feline friendly.
For the kitties out there, this one is. for them! Chicken contains a good amount of the vital amino acid, taurine. This need is pretty unique to cats but is essential for their heart health, vision, and overall well-being. Keep your kitten feline fine with this essential ingredient. 


So... it isn't just crunch fried breading that makes chicken so good, for humans or pets (in fact, fried chicken is probably not ideal for pets). Instead, the highly nutritious, low fat, low allergy and feline friendly aspects of chicken is what makes it so good for your cat and dog. Order our Chicken meal in the raw range, or our complete evolutionary meals to give your pets a safe and delicious boost.