Reasons to Eat Raw

Reasons to Eat Raw

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 Should you feed your pet raw meat? We say yes, but we go beyond steaks and chicken feet: we're talking about raw muscle and organ meats, seasonal vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole eggs. Here are five reasons we choose raw, organic and wild food for our pets.

Raw meat is packed full of important nutrients for your pet, distilled down to its most pure form: there's no heat from cooking breaking down important collagens, vitamins or other nutrients. If you use high quality, organically produced and properly stored meat, there is no risk of bad bacteria getting into your pet's food.

Eating raw meat honours your pets history, and is perfectly suited for their teeth and gut. Continuing to honour their evolutionary history can preserve and even improve their dental, jaw and gut health.

Even though raw meat doesn't cut out some of the harmful elements of meat production on its own, choosing Pawganic raw meat reduces transportation emissions, soil degradation and animal cruelty.

Kibble, a popular form for pet food, or canned pet food are full of preservatives designed to keep the food shelf stable. These kinds of food are used as a quick and easy way to feed your pet, when you don't want to make food at home. With Pawganics, you don't have to make anything, ever! — without the preservatives, artifical flavours or grains.

There's really no reason not to feed your pet organic (or wild caught) raw food. It tastes better, feels better and is better for your pet and your community.

Nutrition does not have to mean boring and organic does not have to mean expensive. You can check out our three tiers of pet meals and learn more about what's right for you.

Join the pet nutrition revolution and feed your pet an evolutionary diet, order online or in-store.


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