Five Festive Fares you can Share with Your Pet

Five Festive Fares you can Share with Your Pet

Christmas is a time of generosity, joy and sharing with family and friends — and that includes your furry family members. Whether cat or dog, they want to celebrate and revel in the joy of the season. We understand how tempting it is to spoil them (they deserve it, of course), but we have to be careful. Despite their bravery, there are many human foods which would upset their tummies or risk their health, rather than make them feel special this season. The below list shows the safest and most satisfying festive fares you can share with your furry friend.

One. Plain chicken and turkey meat. 

Well-cooked and seasoning free meat is a great treat for your furry friend. Serving cooled down slices of chicken or turkey (in small portions) is a safe way to include your canine and feline friends in the merriment. 

Two. Shell-less prawns and oysters. 

Prawns that have been de-shelled and de-veined, and oysters cracked out of their shell, are safe in moderation for your pet. Interestingly, seafood allergies can occur in animals, so make sure you keep an eye on your pet in case of an averse reaction. Seafood is full of flavour and refreshing for humans and animals alike!

Three. Carrots, green beans and potatoes. 

Plainly cooked carrots, green beans and potatoes such as raw (not potatoes), grilled, baked or roasted are great crunchy and flavourful snacks for your pet. Minimal to no salt, oil or herbs is preferable to not irritate your pet's stomach. Small amounts of vegetables are great treats for your pets. 

Be mindful of dangerous ingredients including onions, and other alliums. 

Four. Plain Cheese. 

In very small amounts, and for lucky, lactose tolerant pets, plain hard and soft cheeses can be a delicious and special treat. Lower sodium cheeses are best, but small amounts of parmesan, feta and brie are okay, too. Remember to keep an eye on your pet to ensure there are no averse consequences going unnoticed. 


Five. Their Favourite Food.

The best way you can love your pet over the Christmas period is by keeping up with their important routines including breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Even if you plan on giving them a small plate of human favourites as a Christmas present, it is vital that they receive the evolutionary basics of their diet including protein, minerals, vitamin A, C and D. Their regular Pawganic pet meals are an important part of their Christmas celebration. Keep them healthy and happy with their normal food. 

The desire to share Christmas with your furry friend is normal and can nurture a closer relationship. Ensuring you feed them pet safe foods such as plain chicken or turkey, vegetables, cheese and more, without sacrificing on their evolutionary aligned diet will keep them safe and happy beyond the holiday season. 


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