Our Top Five Favourite Ingredients in Pawganics

Our Top Five Favourite Ingredients in Pawganics

We love every ingredient in our pet meals as they've all been chosen especially for your pet. Each ingredient mimics your pet's revolutionary diet and is the same food their distant ancestors would eat. While we do love every ingredient, there's some which really stand out to us. Here are our top five favourite ingredients found across our Pawganic Pet Food pet meals.


Number One: Egg.
Egg is great for humans and dogs, too! Eggs are a total protein booster, but that's not the only thing. It also includes substantial amounts of water-soluble (aka water allows it to be absorbed easily into the body) Vitamin A, and Vitamin B and B12, which most often comes from animal-based products. Another thing eggs have going for them is their amount of linoleic acid — a kind of omega fatty acid. All of this is great for your pet's bones, brains, heart and coat. 


Number Two: Chicken. 
Chicken IS for chickens, including picky pets and those who need to reduce their dietary fats. Chicken rises up over beef asa great pet ingredient due to its high level of protein and low level of fat comparatively. It is especially good for puppies and kittens who need a diet which keeps up with their energy levels, plus it is also a major source of amino acids which keep your pet's (of any age) heart pumping strong. It's also great for their bones and muscles. 


Number Three: Kidney.
Have you ever been handed a plate of steak and kidney pie and told "it's good for you". Whether you dug in and enjoyed or stuck your tongue out, the truth is it, it is good for you. And it's good for your pet, too. Kidneys and all the other kinds of organ meat are very important for your pet: they provide a huge range of necessary vitamins including B, E and K. It also includes high amounts of iron which keeps your pet's blood clean and moving. Your pet will feel young forever with good vision, a clean vital system and plenty of energy.


Number Four: Seasonal Vegetables. 
Part of what is so great about these vegetables is their seasonality. When we use locally sourced, in-season ingredients, we're preventing the introduction of regional allergens, the breakdown of nutrients during transportation and growth intervention, pesticides and chemical cleaning. Instead, it is pure vegetables from the South East Queensland region, to reduce plague and introduce fibre and hydration to your pet's diet. 


Number Five: Mussel Powder + all of our booster ingredients.
Last but not least, our booster ingredients. You can read more about our booster ingredients on our Nutrition page, designed by our friend and pet nutritionist Ruth Hatten. It also includes nuts, berries and coconut (among others) for boosted vitamins, nutrients, fats and flavour!

So, while we love every ingredient in our pet meals, we can't help but have favourites. Egg, chicken, organ meats, seasonal vegetables and our booster ingredients have a special place in our hearts. They have a special place in your pet's diet, too.

Join the pet nutrition revolution and feed your pet an evolutionary diet, order online or in-store.


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