Five Elements of the BARF protocol

Five Elements of the BARF protocol

When developing our formula for Pawganic Pet Food, we found out all about the raw food protocols that have been developed over the years. There's a variety of raw food protocols, each with different ideas about how to get the most out of raw food for your pet. In our research, we stumbled upon the BARF protocol and fell in love. Our friend and partner Ruth Hatten also loves the BARF protocol, and thus Pawganic was born. 

We wanted to share with you what the BARF protocol means. So, here is the five elements of the BARF protocol.


BARF. B stands for Biologically, as it relates to the biology of our furry friends. Biology refers to the teeth, gut, jaw and intestine make up of your pet. In the BARF protocol, we consider the biology of the cats and dogs which rely on us to help them.


BARF. A stands for Appropriate. It is kind of the crux of the BARF protocol. It means that, while we understand the important biological elements of our furry friends, we're finding something that is appropriate in relation to it. BARF demands that the biology is appropriately considered in what comes next...


BARF. R stands for Raw. So, yeah. That's the other crux of it. The BARF protocol is the foundation of the BARF diet is raw meat, which provides the necessary protein for your pet's muscle development, energy, and immune system. It includes bones, muscle and organ meats, fruit and vegetables. To find out why raw, check out a previous blog all about it.

 BARF. The final letter, F. F stands for food. Okay that's a pretty easy one, but it is important. Food is what it's all about. This protocol is meant to change the way you feed your pet. Food is a very important part of your pet's life, it keeps them safe, happy and healthy.

The BARF protocol is called a protocol for a reason. In the early 1990s, an Australian vet Dr. Ian Billinghurst became concerned about the rise in chronic diseases and health issues in dogs and cats. He began to question whether the conventional commercial pet foods were providing the most suitable nutrition for domesticated animals.

Inspired by the idea of feeding animals based on their evolutionary diet, Dr. Billinghurst started researching the feeding habits of our pet's wild counterparts. He observed that their diet mainly consisted of raw meat, bones, organs, and some plant matter, and he believed that this was the diet that these animals were biologically designed to eat. After much research, study and testing, he settled on what has now become the BARF protocol. It is a popular and well-researched protocol which many people, including us, believe in. It requires consistency, knowledge and high-quality food to make it really work.

Lucky for you, we take care of the hard part for you.

The BARF protocol is the foundation of Pawganic Pet Food. It informs everything we do and makes a difference in your pet's life. 


To get the most out of the BARF protocol, shop with Pawganic Pet Food.